Thursday, October 23, 2014

What is The Foundation?

My favorite games growing up were XCOM: UFO Defense, and XCOM: Terror from the Deep. The base building, the intense tactical combat, procedural maps and the incredible attachment they managed to build to this fictional organization and its brave warriors entranced me and likely inspired my first desires to build my own games in the future.

But as time passed I found life didn't really support or encourage game design as a career. So I set those thoughts aside and went to work for a large corporation developing ecommerce and order fulfillment software. It felt good to tell people what I did for a living, but it was hardly fulfilling or enjoyable.

Then life dealt some funny cards to me and here I am. Trying game development as a new career. I suppose its only natural I turned to my favorite games for inspiration and my favorite wiki.

I found it around the time I graduated from college. A wiki masquerading as a database for a fictional organization called the SCP Foundation. The SCP Foundation secures anomalous and paranormal artifacts around the world, contains public knowledge of these items, and protects the worlds existence from the hazards these items contain. These items are presented in the form of technical documents on the wiki giving a brief description and set of containment procedures to follow in order to keep the object secure.

I fell instantly in love with the wiki and ate up the various articles, stories, and forums that surrounded it. I even tried to write an article but I embarrassed myself upon reading it and took it after a few hours. Lets just say I made a new textbook example for cliche.

Upon this setback I started looking at other options available to me. There were several games that had been made about the wiki but I noticed they focused around the articles and the horrors within. Interesting and terrifying, but something was missing. 

There was no Foundation, only monsters. The powerful shadow organization I adored wasn't really a part of any of these games. So I decided I need to fix that. I would make a new SCP game but it would be different.

This game is about the Foundation.

You take on the role of the newly appointed Overseer of the Foundation. A barely averted XK-Class end of the world scenario has left the Foundation with only a handful of its former assets. Rebuilding the power and reach of this organization falls to you.

You must Secure. Find anomalous events and SCP entities. Customize your armed forces and research powerful new technologies. Dispatch task forces to lock down and retrieve it. Fight off others interested in the same prize.

You must Contain. Suppress public knowledge of the events. Recruit governments, agents, and organizations to fund and support your goals.

You must Protect. Build bases and secure areas to store anomalous items. Stop the spread of anomalous effects. Beware of dangerous containment breaches.

As time passes the beginning hastens the end. Something nearly destroyed the Foundation once. It won't make the same mistake again.

I look forward to discussing this game and sharing the progress that I make. You can follow me on twitter @riscvul or check out the games progress on its trello board:

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