Saturday, May 16, 2015

Demo Prep and Paradigms

Welcome to another Devlog for The Foundation!

I'm sorry I wasn't able to create a video this week. My travels brought me away from my normal technological exposure and I didn't have enough power to create a video (I really need a laptop). Hopefully this Devlog will be a sufficient update.

So update news. What happened this past week?
  • Added volume control functionality to settings menu
  • Cleaned up main menu and added background music
  • Added credits screen and filled it as needed
  • Added camera sensitivity controls
  • Started debugging resolution controls
  • Finished cleanup and debugging on Personnel screen
  • Design work and discussion on the Research part of the game
  • Research on creating installers for the game on all three platforms

Its coming together and its exciting. I know there isn't much of a game together yet, but it feels awesome to be ready to share this. I'm also excited to be able to work with so many people to make sure this game is solid and reflective of this awesome universe.

On that note I have made some progress on Paradigms. You may remember in my previous post there was some ambiguity over the definitions of each paradigm. I have now eliminated much of the ambiguity and wanted to re-present the paradigms as they currently stand.

Much of the ambiguity rested in the third paradigm. It wasn't well defined and pretty much defined the middle of the other two groups. As I mulled over this problem it finally clicked what the third group should be.

If we look at The Foundation it doesn't stand in the middle of reality and esoteric thought. It rejects both lines of thinking. To make this a bit clearer look at two of its enemies, the GOC and Serpent's Hand. The SCP Foundation typically never destroys an SCP and typically never utilizes their abilities. It doesn't follow the paradigm of either of these opposing factions.

If it follows neither of these paradigms it must have its own and this paradigm must revolve around its obsession with containment and the status quo. The typical view of the Foundation makes them to be an organization obsessed with protecting their vision of normalcy. Destruction and utilization are viewed as too high of a risk with this goal in mind. With this in mind I redefined the three paradigms.

ESOTERIC : An Esoteric Foundation embraces anomalies and focuses on harmonizing with their existence. The universe cannot be prevented from producing the absurd and impossible so one must embrace it. They are the foundation that creates MTF-7, Recruits humanoid scps, builds anomalous weaponry, and makes deals with the elder gods. This all may come at a high cost, but the future lies with those that learn to live with the unpredictable nature of the cosmos.

REALIST : A Realist Foundation is dedicated to the eradication of all anomalies without and within and focuses on the purification and stabilization of the universe. Anomalies must be destroyed and their creation prevented in order to secure the future of normalcy. Although they may seek to preserve world order, a stable future is more important.

CONTAINMENT: A Containment Foundation resembles the current foundation of the wiki. They lock away and catalog anomalies focusing on a continuous, uninterrupted flow of normal life. SCPs are locked away from humanity and researched for better understanding and to strengthen the Foundation's capabilities in the future.

I would love your feedback on this revision and I'm looking forward to your feedback on the prototype.