Saturday, August 8, 2015

No Video This Week

Hey everyone,

There won't be a video this week for a few reasons.

To try and keep it short, I volunteer for a youth scouting group and we had a campout planned for this week. I forgot about it when I was making last week's video, but assumed it wouldn't take much out of my week.

I was wrong. All my careful planning was uprooted and my coding week turned into more of a couple of days after all was said and done. I'm just barely back at home as I write this. I'm tired and beat.

Luckily it was a very productive time all things considered. I fixed the problems with the modding project, added in a new room, redesigned room placement, built in the backend for timed construction and room functionality, and started work on better visual placement of room objects.

There should be some awesome new stuff to demo this coming week. I'm sorry it had to be delayed.

I'm going to go crash and sleep now. Cya!